Hope Springs Charity Concert 18/03/2014

Well, On Tuesday (18th Mar) I was fortunate enough to be invited along to help in Photographing the Hope Springs Charity Concert at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea and what a day it turned out to be..

After working a night shift in my “real job” the night before and not getting to bed until about 5am i was up again at 9am to start making my way to the capital. After a long 2 1/2 drive I arrived at the meeting point just outside the City where I met for the first time Steve & Carol who I will go on record now and say thanks first to Steve for inviting me along and to Carol for helping make the day very enjoyable.

Upon arriving in Chelsea we pulled up at the organiser address where we were met by their chauffeur in a very nice Range Rover where we loaded our kit in to the car before being driven to the Cadogan Hall where we had unlimited access to photograph rehearsals and later on performances..

There was an excellent variety of musical talent on display there ranging from professional performers such as Xfactor finalist Misha B, Beatbox Supremo Reeps one (who is already a personal favourite of mine) to up and coming local london talent such as Skribblez and Sketch & Sarah Eliza. What was even better is that this fantastic evening was all in the name of charity with 100% of money raised going to the nominated charities. OrganiserGina Miller of Miller Philanthropies really did put on an amazing show.

Kicking off the evening representing Regenerate UK Charity was local rap due Beatnix who performed their fresh and catchy tune titled “Hope Dealers” which had the crowd up on their feet singing “I used to deal dope. now I deal hope” Their energy on stage really set the tone for the Evening


Following on from the fantastic Beatnix was another Regenerate UK Rap duo by the names of Skribblez & Sketch 2 15 year old up and coming rappers from the Roehampton area of london.. Their performance really followed on very well from the first act and was again full of energy and lyrically very good. Check out some of their videos here..

These really are 2 nice lads i had a chance to talk to them and photograph them in the green room even game me a signed copy of their CD.. Born to be stars…

Skribblez & Sketch4.jpg