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My Name Is Ben Kirby & I Am A Photographer

Well, this is my first blog post... I don't mean just on this account i mean like ever... So bear with me I'm new at this and hope you all enjoy this and my pictures..

If the above statement did not give it away or even if it did you have have guessed I am a photographer.... not a professional one by any means but everyone has to start somewhere right?... So this blog is going to be dedicated to my Photography and the adventures i go on with my camera in hand plus any events or shoots that i get the opportunity to cover..

Whilst I haven't been in to Photography for a very long time it has fast turned in to a passion of mine and its not often that you will see me out and about without my trusty Nikon.. Well except for work but who knows one day this may be work... We can all dream i guess.. For now though I am taking every opportunity i can to get out there and gain any experience that I can in this art form..

I am interested in a massive range of photography from Portraits to landscapes and from Event Photography to Sports.. Really any excuse for the camera to come out I am there. With that being said below are some examples of my work in the above categories, hopefully you will like what you see.


Spice Girls.jpg

Stonehouse Pharmacy Girls as Spice Girls At Summitforbonnie Lets Go Retro

Brothers Poster.jpg

Laurence & Niall in front Of the Summitforbonnie flyer


DJ Chill B At Summitforbonnie Lets Go Retro Fund Raiser


Big Nige.jpg

Niall Gibbons Portrait Low Key


My Beautiful Daugher Lilly Age 2 1/2 in Black and White


Naomi Harris Candid Portrait



Sunset On The Stroud Water Canal

River Severn From Sainsburys.jpg

River Severn In Gloucester


Peds Kicking.jpg

Will Pedrick STFC 1st Team Goalkeeper in action During 3- Win Over Taveners.

Sammy U WM.jpg

Sam in Action for STFC 1st Team during 3-0 over Taveners where he picked up MOM Performance.

So above is just a small selection of my photographs over the last few months or so.. I have more images on line so feel free to check out my flickr account here..

So people ... Please... If you know anyone who may be looking for a Photographer point them in my direction I am happy to take on any kind of assignment or event that you, your friends or your family have in mind and although i may not have been at this a great deal of time I am confident that i can produce some excellent images of your special day.. Like i have said before.. everyone has to start somewhere... so please.. help me start.

I think thats enough from me for now..

Please continue to check back here regularly for updates on what me and my Nikon have been up too.. Over the next couple of months I have a trip to Madrid planned for sure so plenty to write about and take pictures of there and also the possibility of a Christening to Photograph and some Product shots for a friends new start up companies website so plenty to keep me occupied over the next month or so which I will of course be sharing here..

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog..


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